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Review: The Uncut #1 Dildo from Tantus

Living in the UK for years, I gained an appreciation for uncircumcised penises, eventually preferring them for multiple reasons over circumcised ones. But almost every dildo that's penis shaped is cut, something that I grew to reluctantly accept… View More


Review: The (Terribly Named But Amazing) Womanizer

It's been a little while since I reviewed a sex toy that made me feel really excited. I kept hearing rumors about a toy that managed to have both rumbling vibrations AND suction, two of my favourite things when it comes to my clit. I… View More


Review: the Njoy Fun Wand from Good Vibrations

I have been a huge fan of the whole nJoy product line ever since I was introduced to it years and years ago. I started off with a… View More


Review: IMTOY Piu

I was offered the chance to review the IMTOY… View More


Review: "The Butters", a Lube from LTASEX

When my buddy posted a call for folks who would try out his new lube, I immediately volunteered. I know Jerome from his blog, LTASEX, where I had done an interview around the release of Hard Femme. He writes great sex ed stuff from a Black, gay, poly and kinky perspective (among… View More


Review: the RIP Paddle, Since Everyday is Halloween

I'm gonna be honest. This elusive review has been pleasantly haunting me for a year now! GeekySexToys very kindly sent me this amazing RIP paddle that looks like a freaking gravestone, and I packed it… View More