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what would you do (trigger warning)

There's this show on ABC, called "What Would You Do?" where the idea is to see how people react to ethical choices. There's been a few now, like what would you do if service was refused to gay parents, or if a manager was sexually harassing a worker of his. The one that got to me was the situation of… View More


What I Mean When I Say I'm Sex Critical

So, I saw on Tumblr this awesome post by Pervocracy about what sex positive means to them. I really love and agree with their post, and it made me consider my critique of "sex positive" as a catch-all term and why I tend to not identify with it generally (though probably would if Pervocracy's definition was more widespread). I'm also… View More


This Ain't Typhoid Mary, XXX

I had to think for a hot second about whether it made sense for me to write about the topic or porn stars escorting and… View More


Tested: STIs, Shame, and Reactive Healthcare

Yesterday I got tested at Planned Parenthood for STIs - I had a condom break and better safe than sorry. All in all it was a positive experience, and I'm glad to have a… View More


Your Fave Fantasy is Problematic.

Crossposted on Medium Trigger warnings: abuse, rape, violent fantasies, suicide, racism, transmisogyny,… View More