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So today my grandmother sat me down, looked deep into my eyes and told me I was disgusting. Disappointing. That she had seen my photos and I was a horrible person with no self-esteem. She Googled my name. Apparently she also shared my sex work name with one of her friends at her local community center, who said she was going to look me up. So she has also outed me to at least one, possibly more people. This of course puts me in… View More


My Experience of Sex Work

Greta Christina posted an invitation for sex worker voices to be… View More


March 3rd: International Sex Worker Rights Day

Today is International Sex Worker Rights Day. To honour it, give sex workers the… View More


What I Mean When I Say I'm Sex Critical

So, I saw on Tumblr this awesome post by Pervocracy about what sex positive means to them. I really love and agree with their post, and it made me consider my critique of "sex positive" as a catch-all term and why I tend to not identify with it generally (though probably would if Pervocracy's definition was more widespread). I'm also… View More


This Ain't Typhoid Mary, XXX

I had to think for a hot second about whether it made sense for me to write about the topic or porn stars escorting and… View More


"What's Academic About Fucking?": In Defense of Porn at School

I just read a piece by… View More