About Kitty

Kitty Stryker is a writer, activist, and authority on developing a consent culture in alternative communities. She was the founder of ConsentCulture.com, a website that ran for 4 years as a hub for LGBT/kinky/poly folks looking for a sex critical approach to relationships and which will be relaunched on 2017. Kitty also cofounded the artsy sexy party Kinky Salon London, as well as creating the award winning Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, the SF based kink party Whippersnappers, and acting as head of cosplay for queer gaming convention GaymerX. Now working on "Ask: Building Consent Culture", an anthology through Thorntree Press coming out in 2017, Kitty tours internationally speaking at universities and conferences about feminism, sex work, body positivity, queer politics, and more. She lives in Oakland, California with her wife, boyfriend, and two cats, Foucault and Nietzsche. For media inquiries and bookings, email miss.kitty.stryker@gmail.com.

Workshop Topics

New for 2017

  • Another Kind of Fist: Porn as Resistance
  • Ethical Porn: An Anticapitalist Critique
  • Fuck You Pay Me: Getting Paid for Your Labour
  • Radical Vulnerability: Self Care for Activists
  • “An Army Of Lovers Cannot Fail”- Centering Mutual Community Care in a Post-Trump Nightmare

Other offerings:

-Ask: Building a Consent Culture (lecture or workshop)
-Ban This Sick Filth: How Porn Both Informs and Challenges What We Find Obscene
-What Is Feminist Porn? A Sex Critical Approach
-Beyond the Leather Couch: Professional Kink as Therapeutic Exploration
-TLC: Sex Work, Disability, and Stigma
-‘En/forced femme’: Sex Work and Social Media

Sex Ed-
-Fuck Me I’m Fat- A Hot Guide to Fat Sex
-Manic Pixie Dream Domme: Embracing Frivolity in Kink
-“You Like WHAT?!?”: How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Kink
-How To Ask For It: A Workshop on Sexy Negotiation
-Safer Sexy: Erotic Safer Sex
-Three to a Bed: An Honest Guide to Good Threesomes