Fearless Freelancing

I’m Kitty Stryker, published author, anarchist activist, queer femme, Juggalo ethnographer and leftist doomsday prepper located in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

I put out an anthology called "Ask: Building Consent Culture", that succeeded in signal-boosting marginalized voices within consent discussions. "Ask" got an Honorable Mention at the Foreword Reviews awards, as well as being used in multiple universities to teach the complexities of consent in a culture that rewards entitlement. 

I’ve been a professional writer/speaker now for over 12 years: answering questions at universities and in documentaries about sex work and leftist activism, while freelancing for places like Teen Vogue, Bitch Media, VICE, Narratively, and more. I try to cover topics often underrepresented or misrepresented by media; my beat covers alternative lifestyles, drugs and addiction, mental health, sex work and sex education, marginalized feminisms, queer issues, and anyone else who has a compelling story not getting out there. I specialize in intimate personal writing, whether that be deep interviews or introspective memoir. 

I have a Patreon that helps fund my writing outside of the freelance gigs, including my food microblogging for #kittylearnstocook, and two upcoming books. "Love Rebels: A Practical Guide to Activist Relationships" will be an exploration into how to have relationships while being an activist (and how to care for an activist!) "The Struggalo is Real: Radical Potential of Juggalos" will investigate the lives of Juggalos, fans of the Insane Clown Posse, along with their political and ethical beliefs. I also work as a street medic at protests, and my Patreon helps fund my supplies and training. 

You can reach me at miss.kitty.stryker@gmail.com.