Consent Culture's Cuckcake

I'm Kitty Stryker, a freelance writer, antifascist activist, and queer sex educator who has been working specifically in the realm of consent for 6+ years. I've got bylines at BuzzfeedViceWear Your VoiceRavishlythe Friskythe Guardian, and much more, as well as being published in a variety of books ranging in themes from fat activism to the inauguration protests to my experiences as a sex worker. I’m also helping some activist Juggalos by serving as a street medic for Struggalo Circus.

I lead an interesting life.

I am currently crowdfunding the Consent Culture Book Tour in support of my anthology, "Ask: Building Consent Culture", coming from Thorntree Press this fall. 

Most of my work is funded through Patreon, where I offer a special subscription to my writing. Patrons get access to unpublished work, secret projects, and other goodies for as little as $1 a month.