Geeky Porn Starlet | Lecturer/Presenter | Sex Critical Feminist

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Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the Web!

My name is Kitty Stryker. By day, I’m a 30 year old presenter/writer/cat herder, promoting social justice awareness via skillful social media marketing. By night? I’m a geeky porn starlet, queer sex klown, and pervy My Little Pony, reinventing porn culture by exploding one tired trope at a time.

I’m an experienced well-educated speaker/performer around many aspects of sexuality, from threesomes and bondage to the history of institutionalizing of sexual expression to the psychology of kink!

I do a lot of activism work, particularly with Consent Culture around addressing boundary violations and the effects of -isms  within the kink/altsex community. I align myself in solidarity with trans* women, people of colour, and sex critical feminism.

I also infrequently run meetings of the international and award-winning Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society. Multiple anthologies contain my writing, and I’ve been featured in a few documentaries; you can learn more about both on my 15 Minutes page.

If you’re here, you may be an experienced devotee of the sex work world, or just taking your first steps as a client- or perhaps you’re just trying to debunk some of the myths surrounding this industry (there’s many of them).

Maybe you’re a person with a disability and want to explore your sexual possibilities, or maybe you’ve suffered from sexual trauma and need help healing.

Maybe you’re curious about becoming a sex worker or porn performer yourself, and wonder what it’s actually like to be an erotic entertainer. Perhaps you heard of the Feminist Porn Award winning Lesbian Curves, and wanted to know more.

Maybe you saw me on TV, came to one of my workshops, or read my blog and are curious who I am…

Regardless of why you’re here, you are welcome.

Please feel free to look around- you can learn a bit more about me as a person, my history with sex work,  what sort of workshops I teach and how to be a better client to sex workers.

So, let your curiosity run free!