Ask: A Discussion on Consent Culture

"Ask: A Discussion on Consent Culture" is an intersectional anthology coming out in 2017 about how consent culture could influence the various spheres of our lives, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. With authors like Virgie Tovar, Laurie Penny, Roz Kaveney, Jiz Lee, AV Flox, Carol Queen and more, this book from Thorntree Press promises to revolutionize how we discuss consent in society today. : Culture Critique at its Finest is an improv performance collective playfully critiquing startup culture. Appearing everywhere from the dirtiest warehouses to an impeccably decorated chapel,'s combination of biting wit and fancy ruffles brings a sense of snobbish elegance to every affair. Kitty joined the ranks in 2015 and has never looked back (in part because her wig is too large for her to move her head). (image: kitty with giant wig)