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Review: "Grease XXX"

So, next up in our "Think Of the Children!" category of porn parodies, the movies you remember from childhood, is… View More


Five Love Songs for a Longing Heart

I thought that maybe, during the Summer of Fun (more on that later) I'm implementing for myself, one of the things I would do at least twice a month is put together a small playlist around a… View More


Mixtapes From My Exes: Part One

I wanted to write something about some of the songs my exes put on mixtapes for me, or introduced me to, as a way of describing them, and us, and why these songs still sting my heart a little every time I hear… View More


Christmas Music for People Who Hate Christmas

Full disclosure- I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love all the sparkly ornaments and the fun of shopping for the perfect present for the people I care about. I love the saccharine songs and… View More