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punters: please, come out of the closet, for all of us

I was in Edinburgh and did a talk on sex work and feminism. I discovered that the study "Challenging Men's Demand for Prostitution in Scotland: A Research Report Based on Interviews with 110 Men who Bought Women in Prostitution" was inherently flawed, and that, if you were one of the punters who was interviewed, there is a complaint going to the NHS Ethics Committee about how the research was carried out. You can read the… View More


Candid Pornography

(Update: Desiscandids is no longer live on Tumblr, and the blog is against the blogger content policy- they forbid blogs that only exist to make money off adult content...… View More


Fisting Day, 2014! Seeking Submissions!

tl;dr - Fisting Day is October 21st and we're seeking submissions to help with the… View More