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"Community"- and I don't mean the TV show

Just in case I was feeling overly confident about where I stand in the BDSM "community", I found myself on the receiving end of event expulsion thanks to… View More


"Think of the Children" Is Rallying Cry... While Adult Sex Workers Primarily Arrested

I woke up yesterday morning to my Twitter in an uproar. That’s reasonably common in my world, as many of the people I follow are marginalized and there’s a lot to be angry about. Turns out that the… View More


Pink Ladies and Cosmos: Cocktails and Misogyny

I'm preparing for a cocktail party slash games night slash possible orgy, as you do, thumbing through cocktail recipes and appetizers to find things that don't sound… View More


"Ban This Sick Filth"

All photos from my scenes in "Ban This Sick Filth", a collaboration between Courtney Trouble,… View More