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Review: Minx Tail

I have a cat tail with a wooden base I got for Christmas a couple of years back and I adore it. But I was kind of ready for a tail that had a different, slightly… View More


Giveaway: Crystal Delights Pink Frosted Plug! (Congrats Phia!)

I know it's been a little intense here at Purrversatility over the past few weeks, so I want to spend some time (for my own self care, as well as yours) highlighting how sexy and fun consent culture can be… View More


PornHub Confessional

So a big part of this blog is talking about Personal Shit, right, including deep dark secrets that I hold in my heart (and clit).… View More


Clopping with the "Reignbow Pony Tail Plug"

In case you weren't aware, I'm a My Little Pony fan. A massive My Little Pony fan. I have a cutie mark tattooed on me that represents my personal passion- a Mont Blanc… View More