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Review: "Not The Wizard of Oz XXX"

So this week, as I race through porn parodies I've missed out on, let's look at how the adult industry has taken kids movies/shows... and then corrupted them into things not… View More


Review: "Grease XXX"

So, next up in our "Think Of the Children!" category of porn parodies, the movies you remember from childhood, is… View More


Review: "Hairy Twatter"

"Hairy Twatter" had one thing going for it- it didn't have a laugh track. But other… View More


"Think of the Children" Is Rallying Cry... While Adult Sex Workers Primarily Arrested

I woke up yesterday morning to my Twitter in an uproar. That’s reasonably common in my world, as many of the people I follow are marginalized and there’s a lot to be angry about. Turns out that the… View More


Guest Post: Why "Up Your Alley" Is Not Up My Alley Anymore

Denali Winter, the brains behind Petplay Palace, a new local petplay website, posted on their social media last night that their hope to shoot some hot… View More