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"the meat's on the stage, not on the plate"-veganism and gaze

Everyone's talking about this vegan strip club that opened up in Portland Oregon a while back (and by everyone I mean… View More


Occupy Wall Street is Not a Frat Party, Dude.

So apparently some dude has decided a great way to dehumanize women's voices support Occupy Wall Street is to make a blog: "Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street". But, guys, guys, it's cool- he's just trying to rally people to the cause!I was watching one video in particular and commented to a friend, “Wow, seeing all those super… View More


What I Mean When I Say I'm Sex Critical

So, I saw on Tumblr this awesome post by Pervocracy about what sex positive means to them. I really love and agree with their post, and it made me consider my critique of "sex positive" as a catch-all term and why I tend to not identify with it generally (though probably would if Pervocracy's definition was more widespread). I'm also… View More


"Femininity is for Sissies": or, the Queering of Forced Feminization

When I was working as a Domme, I got a fair number of requests from men who want to be “sissified”, “forced” into frilly girly undies and makeup and turned into an… View More


Freedom of Speech and My Life As a Pornographer

So on the heels of my earlier piece, wherein I indicate that I feel rather strongly that the contributors to Charlie Hebdo consciously… View More


"What's Academic About Fucking?": In Defense of Porn at School

I just read a piece by… View More