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"Seeking" Derangement: Sleepless (and Forever Alone) In Austin

"Man Will Pay Good Money for Thin, White Girlfriend" headlines stated when they were being kind(ish), while other news outlets dubbed him "the worst person in the world" and "a… View More


Abusive White Male Tears: Crowdfunding Betrays Weird Morals

Massive trigger warnings about domestic violence (described and photographed), rape, rape apologism, entitlement culture, police I've written before on crowdfunding's betrayal of sex workers, and how ridiculous their rules are that they ban sex workers… View More


Punching Up: the CAH Conundrum

I've been sitting on this post for a little while as I sorted through… View More


Unpopular Opinion: Satire Should Punch Up. Charlie Hebdo Did Not.

Part 2 here! ETA: Here's a bunch of articles that have come out since I wrote this piece that I concur… View More


Freedom of Speech and My Life As a Pornographer

So on the heels of my earlier piece, wherein I indicate that I feel rather strongly that the contributors to Charlie Hebdo consciously… View More


Your Fave Fantasy is Problematic.

Crossposted on Medium Trigger warnings: abuse, rape, violent fantasies, suicide, racism, transmisogyny,… View More