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fuck the g-spot.

In my efforts to get back into writing more consistently on this blog I was reading a friend's blog about the G-spot and the hymen, and how these "medical" constructs have been used to pressure and contain women. And of course, not long ago there was that article about how the G-spot… View More


The New York Initiative are Whore Heroes.

So the boy is a huge fan of Batman. I tease him a lot about it- I mean, superheroes and masked vigilantes are the things of graphic novels… View More


Paypal Strongarms Patreon to Deny "Adult" Content Creators Funding

So I just got an alarming and apologetic email from Patreon, which you can read below. Apparently PayPal threatened to freeze all creator pages unless adult content was blocked from using PayPal via Patreon. I don't know how many, if any, of you used PayPal as a funding source,… View More