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Review: Heads Up

Ok, so I'm a bit biased. I'm in this, talking about my love of sucking cock and eating pussy, credited as a Community Voice with other fabulous San Franciscans, including the lovely Lady Monster. ::grin:: So, yeah, just a bit biased. And a bit chuffed, to be honest!… View More


Making the Beast With Two Backs with the Black Dog

I'm quite possibly crazy. It's been suggested I have lots of things-… View More


Review: Bon Bon Vibrator

I'm always interested in vibrators that can be useful for people who have a disability,… View More


Screwing the System at Arse Elektronika 2011

As much as I consider myself a geek, I am pretty… View More


How I Learned to Stop Worrying About My Love of Money

I have always had a tense relationship to money. As a child, I was deeply self conscious of the class divide that was apparent in my clothing and in my bagged lunches, and in the amount of… View More