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Review: Plunge Paddle from Tantus

When I opened my treasure chest from Tantus the Plunge Paddle was honestly the first thing I went for. A… View More


Review: Splish! by Tantus

I tend to go for toys that are a lot bigger than I can actually use. This is a constant issue for me, as I now own several Outlaw dildos, which I love the IDEA of but not actually using them. Well, ok. At least,… View More


Review: Bound Silicone Cock by Tantus

I love a pretty dildo. I have different ones for my different moods, different outfits, different lovers. It's good to have a variety, right? A girl needs a cock for every occasion, and I'm well on my way. I have more dicks than… View More


Review: The Uncut #1 Dildo from Tantus

Living in the UK for years, I gained an appreciation for uncircumcised penises, eventually preferring them for multiple reasons over circumcised ones. But almost every dildo that's penis shaped is cut, something that I grew to reluctantly accept… View More