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Candid Pornography

(Update: Desiscandids is no longer live on Tumblr, and the blog is against the blogger content policy- they forbid blogs that only exist to make money off adult content...… View More


Kitty Stryker's Illustrated Guide to Dick Pics

Note: this was written as a guide specifically for cisgendered men, though cisgendered men are not the only people who identify as having dicks, or are the only ones who can benefit from this… View More


"Femininity is for Sissies": or, the Queering of Forced Feminization

When I was working as a Domme, I got a fair number of requests from men who want to be “sissified”, “forced” into frilly girly undies and makeup and turned into an “objectified slut”. Sissification is one of those things I encounter… View More


Dick's Big PR Problem

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