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Keeping Calm.

I had expected that going to London was going to be somewhat difficult. It had been years since I last visited, after all, and when I… View More



New Years Resolutions are one of those things that I have tended to do for years and years. It's interesting when you write down your resolutions online, because you can go back through the… View More


Interview with Polly Superstar, Author of "Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary"

I first met Polly when I was 21, fresh to San Francisco and to sexy parties. I was accustomed to dark spaces with red light, places where you were admonished not to talk too loudly, where the uniform of "sexy" was a limited palette… View More


Fatphobia: A Guide for the Disbeliever

First, a little bit about me. I'm an American who has lived on one coast or the other, who has spent extended time in… View More


If I Wasn't a Sex Worker (and other Alt Universes)

I was asked by one of my friends, Creatrix Tiara, what I would be doing in an alternative universe. Alternative universes always fascinated me, the… View More