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Kitty Stryker's Illustrated Guide to Dick Pics

Note: this was written as a guide specifically for cisgendered men, though cisgendered men are not the only people who identify as having dicks, or are the only ones who can benefit from this… View More


Feminist Porn: We've Come a Long Way, and Have a Long Way to Go

I've just come home from an intense 6 day trip in Toronto, home of the… View More


Online Dating: Fun with Tinder

So I'm on this secret dating group, and it's where I go to gave femme talk about my lovers, as well as live vicariously through other women and hear about… View More


Faking It: Loving and Fucking On and Off Screen

The hitachi hummed as I scrunched my eyes shut, lying on the padded bench and steadying my breath. Even with my eyes closed I could see the glare of the… View More


Dick's Big PR Problem

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