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Sweet! Now, my LJ friends can follow along with this blog

I finally figured out how to publish Blogger entires at LJ, thanks to Lexi's Lounge's post on the topic. Hurray! My blog entries on Blogger will now feed directly into my sex work filter on LJ, thus making it easier for those of you who read LJ and can't be bothered scrambling around for another blog. Goddess knows I wouldn't.… View More


what's in a name? someone's cock, apparently

So there's that new facebook meme going around, you know the… View More


Kitty Stryker vs The World: Round 1- Facebook (Kitty Wins!)

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. Burned out, you might say, on holiday events, balancing a new job with the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, which I'm stage managing. As much as I love… View More


fuck this scarlet letter bullshit part 4: The Internet as the New Pillory

Part of a series discussing mostly whorephobia but also slut-shaming generally: Part… View More


Stage 5: Acceptance

Trigger Warning: This discusses abuse, why someone would stay in an abusive situation, self-blame, loss of friends. It's part of a series about losing… View More


Sexting and the Kitty

I'm a person who has probably received more… View More