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Fat Sex and Strapons: From Anxiety to Aptitude

God, my blog has become really fucking SERIOUS over the past few months. Sorry, everyone, I've always been really… View More


Fucking in Formalwear

When I started the Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, my girlfriend A and I always joked that the unofficial rule was that while hats and… View More


My First Poly Cabal Christmas

Holidays are for being with loved ones, at least that's what the songs and the movies seem to suggest. I love Christmas, almost ridiculously… View More


Why Do We Hate Valentine's Day?

I dislike commercialism and sentimentality quite a bit. I am known to send texts like "You're so cute, I… View More


Faking It: Loving and Fucking On and Off Screen

The hitachi hummed as I scrunched my eyes shut, lying on the padded bench and steadying my breath. Even with my eyes closed I could see the glare of the… View More