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if you want to watch a live sex show, look no further (nsfw photos)

Ok, so, generally I don't advertise people on my blog, but next week my friend Chloe is coming for a visit with her boyfriend, and they do… View More


Review: "Crash Pad Series, Volume 6"

Some people watch porn to get off- I do, too, but generally watching porn is a nice way to see some sexually stimulating material while snuggling up with someone cute. And something I've been lucky enough to enjoy is watching some queer porn with the boy, and someone else as yet unnamed on my blog (perhaps Scurvy? I dunno. He can pick something.) Thanks to Blowfish, who responded quite quickly to… View More


Review: "Speakeasy"

So, I got to watch Crash Pad Volume 6, an excellent film, with the… View More


Pussyfest: Like Catnip for my Libido

It's Wednesday, and my cunt is only now feeling a little less pounded from my date on Saturday. That means it was a good night, folks, a very good night… View More


Revisit: The 6 Feet Under Club

So, one of the things I'm going to try to do is highlight some of my older posts which were super popular on my old blog and aren't getting any notice here. Today? I'm gonna remind you about what it's like fucking in a coffin (with some edits, because, well, thankfully I'm improving as a writer) So I joined the 6 Feet Under Club. I mean, I needed something to distract me, and it… View More


Fucking in Formalwear

When I started the Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, my girlfriend A and I always joked that the unofficial rule was that while hats and… View More