Review: the RIP Paddle, Since Everyday is Halloween

I'm gonna be honest. This elusive review has been pleasantly haunting me for a year now! GeekySexToys very kindly sent me this amazing RIP paddle that looks like a freaking gravestone, and I packed it away somewhere, figuring I'd get to it. That was last Halloween, and the ghost of the RIP Paddle has been hovering just out of my peripheral vision, whispering "why hast thou forsaken meeeeeeeee".

I'm sorry it took so long, dear reader, because this paddle is really cool. My "I love all things Halloween" side and my "I'm an undead vampire slash Juggalo and will never die" side both are totally obsessed with it. Not only is it pretty hefty (it's made of silicone) but it's sterilizable (it's made of silicone, *wink*). At 11" long and 4" wide, it's gonna pack a mighty wallop that will wake the dead. And it's just so terribly cute!

It's 100% silicone which means that it is flexible. Not overly so, but you can definitely let the paddle do a lot of the

work in terms of movement, which might be good if you have wrist issues. This baby can slap for you, no problem! I used it on my thigh when I first got it and marveled at how it managed to be thuddy and slappy at the same time. It's quite the toy, and perfect for any horror movie fans or Victorians traipsing about your house. 

When you look into the RIP Paddle, also check out the other offerings at GeekySexToys, especially if you have a nerd fandom. My D&D playing self loves the D20 ballgag, for example, and my Pokemon Go playing self loves the various Pokemon themed toys. Christmas is coming, after all, and you (or your partner!) could be coming, too. Just saying. 

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