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Girlfriend Experiences

When men ask for a girlfriend experience, they mean they want to snuggle a bit, french kiss, and talk like lovers. I hope that when they ask for it, they get the intimacy they're hoping for, and not just some playacting (I'm thinking "But I'm a Cheerleader"'s makeout scene with her boyfriend as she rolls her eyes). I like to think I am a girlfriend experience. Maybe it's because I'm a slut, but I manage to create instant… View More


Sex Workin' Sweetheart- or, yes, we have relationships

“So what do… View More



I always thought that the way in which my muscles spend more time tense than relaxed was normal. I figured waking up in the middle of the night because… View More


Primaries and Priorities

With this post, I am founding a new category- it's the poly PTSD category, yessir! Because I have a lot of trigger points around poly and it seems like when I talk about it on social media, many… View More