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Inventory of a Pervert- Sex Toys Edition

So C and I have a toy chest, in which I put all of the sex and BDSM toys. Some of the toys I have as sex toys may seem more like kinky toys to you all, but I'm basically splitting it into "things that are likely to get genitalia juice on it" and "things that are less likely to do so". I, being a Capricorn and probably a little over-zealous when I feel like organizing something, decided it was time to go through the chest and sort it out… View More


My Top Twenty People/Organizations of 2011

Inspired by the inimitable Lori from Rarely Wears Lipstick, I thought about having a "top ten… View More


Five Love Songs for a Longing Heart

I thought that maybe, during the Summer of Fun (more on that later) I'm implementing for myself, one of the things I would do at least twice a month is put together a small playlist around a… View More