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Minor Musings on Butch/Femme/Andro Dynamics in MLP:FIM

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Interviewed at The Woman's POV!

I have an interview with the gorgeous, totally crushable Maxine Holloway up… View More


A Little Exhausted: Self-Care Struggles

So I haven't updated for a couple of weeks, in part because I've been really busy planning for upcoming… View More


June's Cum and Glitter

If you weren't at last weekend's Cum and Glitter performance, you missed out. Big time. I'm sorry for you. I don't have photos of everyone's number, but here's the teaser photos for my scene with Poppy Cox, a delicious pinkish-purple haired bike smut babe who came down… View More


Clopping with the "Reignbow Pony Tail Plug"

In case you weren't aware, I'm a My Little Pony fan. A massive My Little Pony fan. I have a cutie mark tattooed on me that represents my personal passion- a Mont Blanc… View More