Clopping with the "Reignbow Pony Tail Plug"

In case you weren't aware, I'm a My Little Pony fan.

A massive My Little Pony fan.

I have a cutie mark tattooed on me that represents my personal passion- a Mont Blanc pen over Xena's sword in an illustration I often say expresses that the pen may be mightier than the sword, but it's good to know how to wield both.  I felt as cutie marks go, this most succinctly expressed who I am as a person, what drives me, what makes me tick. And with my love of multicoloured hair, it's not much of a stretch to imagine me as a human My Little Pony!

I've giggled for a while about doing pony play as a My Little Pony, but hadn't really investigated it because I would need to find custom pony tails. Most tails are black, with pony hoods and harnesses also being black and, maybe, red. Not really the candy-coloured fantasy of my childhood pony friends! For a while I just filed it away as something for clopfic (clopping being a brony term for wanking) rather than reality.

But then I found out about Crystal Delights and the Reignbow Pony Tail plugs they made and I got really excited. FINALLY beautiful flowing pony tails in pretty colours! They come in 4 colours with very MLP-inspired names - Cupcake Queen (baby pink), Periwinkle Princess (pastel blue), Sunny Sovereign (bright yellow) and Violet Virgin (soft lavender). These toys are incredibly refreshing for anyone who just wasn't excited about a straight black haired pony tail.

They're modeled by porn performer Tasha Reign and friends in a porn that's been, I think, mislabeled as a My Little Pony porn parody when really it's more of a Beauty series pony play  thing with a My Little Pony flavour (I'll be reviewing this next week during my porn parody series "Think of the Children" so stay tuned).  They do have cutie marks though...

Yes, I've thought about this a lot.

Anyway, one of the things everyone agrees on is that these plugs are adorable. I can definitively say they are not only comfortable, but incredibly sexy! The plug is made in the same style as Crystal Delights other plugs, like the Minx tail I've reviewed before, or their delightful bunny tail.

And it just looks cute, with the tail having a bounce that's perfect for any wannabe pony. I mean, look at it!

The tail is made with wig hair, and therefore can be taken care of like any plastic wig. There's care instructions that come with the plug so you can keep it looking beautiful and brand new.

The plug, meanwhile, is made out of clear glass, and you can get them either regular clear glass... or, for a bit more, you can get dichroic glass, which looks like it has multiple colours at once depending on the angle. Mine is the regular glass, and it's amaaaazing.

It's about 2.8" insertable length, and 1.3" around, making it an excellent starting plug for anyone who's wanted to try anal play. The glass starts off a bit cool to the touch, which I found pleasant but your mileage might vary. If you prefer to have your toy warmed, you can use warm water to heat the glass... or cold water for a totally different sensation! Just make sure that you're inserting the toy or removing it using the plug itself and not the tail, or you might pull some of the hairs out and make it look less pretty.

I haven't done much in the way of anal play for a couple of years. I find it hugely erotic in porn but it's made me a bit nervous doing it with partners after a couple of less than fun experiences. But this plug was completely worth it, wasn't intimidating and was incredibly fun!

My partner and I took it slowly, using some water soluble lube for easy cleanup (we really like this one). I found that using a hitachi while engaging in anal play made it a lot sexier for me, because I was able to relax. I was so relaxed, in fact, that when I came I ended up ejaculating like a faucet! I don't normally squirt without my g-spot being stimulated so I think that speaks to the fabulousness of this anal toy.

I will say that when I tried to stand up to take photos, I found the plug hard to keep in, probably due to all the lube. While lying down the bulb to stem ratio was enough to keep it in, but I think it felt a bit heavier in part because of the tail. If you plan to wear this while engaging in pony play, I recommend a bit of practice to make sure it doesn't pop out!

At some point I plan to do a photo shoot with this and my matching wig, along with my ears and horn. I love the Reignbow plug and will definitely be using it again.

Thank you Crystal Delights for sending me this plug in exchange for a honest and fair review!

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