June's Cum and Glitter

If you weren't at last weekend's Cum and Glitter performance, you missed out. Big time. I'm sorry for you.

I don't have photos of everyone's number, but here's the teaser photos for my scene with Poppy Cox, a delicious pinkish-purple haired bike smut babe who came down from Portland to play the bossy popular Unicorn to my poor hornless freak of a pony.

Of course, being me, I ended up getting my own back...

Quotes from our scene included, "get out of the Enchanted Forest!", "Mommy says I'm special!", "you wish you had a horn like mine", "not ALL unicorns have horns on their heads, you know..." "you better become my friend on Facebook! that's real friendship, right?" and "well, friendship IS magic after all".

I am honored, delighted, amused and inspired by the Cum and Glitter crew. These people are erotic geniuses. Every single performance was sensual, intelligent, and incredibly genuine. I always feel as thrilled as the rest of the audience to see everything come together!

(L to R, Back to Front) Siouxsie Q, Maxine Holloway, Ned Mayhem, Poppy Cox, Arabelle Raphael, Quinn Cassidy,

Cinnamon Maxine, Bianca Stone, Ava Solanas, me!

Vagina Jenkins, UnWoman, Dorian Faust

We also did a panty raffle with some of the panties (!) and I still have mine. I've put them up on Extra Lunch Money- at some point, the scene will go up on Indie Porn Revolution, and you can watch me wank into them on stage while you sniff them! And maybe, just maybe, we'll post up some of the limited edition Cum and Glitter lubricants we made...

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