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I want to give you an idea of the sort of email I get on a weekly basis, so you understand why I am a little crazy in the head and a lot angry at people. This particular abusive missive was ignored til now, as I don't typically check the "other" folder on Facebook.

I didn't know what this was in reference to until I realized it was because I called out someone who used to be a friend when she outed a queer sex worker by name. When I told her that wasn't acceptable, she gave a bunch of excuses- she felt threatened (granted, she threatens violence on a regular basis herself), this other person hates trans* people, they deserved it. When I told her that meant I couldn't trust her, as a sex worker myself, she flipped out and posted about how I'm a terrible trans* ally. Apparently someone read it from there and decided this was an appropriate message to send.

The "who's oppressing you?!?" followed with a stream of fatphobia is pretty amazing.

Hey Kitty. Read your last update and found it pretty interesting. You're clearly hurtling towards lesbian separatism, I thought I'd help you out along the way.

Let me tell you that your post was one of the dumbest fucking things I have read this year. Which would be bad enough if it wasn't also sickening hypocritical. Here's the girl who sits there typing all this 'wah, wah, wah' shit about you can't fucking generalise about lesbians, or trannies, or people of fucking colour, but, hey, it's fine to just go out there and accuse all men of being violent, bigoted and stupid cunts. well, gee fucking whiz!

let me tell what people think of you. and believe me A LOT of your friends (my fellow car-crash spectators) think the same. You are a sad, sad, fat CUNT with an over-confrontational, nasty little attitude because the world don't wanna frost your mellow no more. You sit there on your high fucking horse, posting all your self-righteous and self-obsessed shit, trying to paint yourself as 'oppressed'. Believe me, you ain't. Who's oppressing ya hun? Krispy fuckin Kremes? Don't make me laugh. There are people out there who are genuinely getting shit on by the world - heck, why am I telling ya that. You know it well - you're constantly trying to steal their limelight, to turn yourself into the patron fucking saint of the oppressed. Well, let me tell ya this, Kitty Kalories, you fuckin ain't!

You're one of those lazy, know-it-all, know-nothings who sit there surrounding themselves with internet memes and feelin' all fuckin' superior. and let me tell you ain't. fuck your ponies, fuck your high tea, and fuck your 'society for cutting up men' (replace the word with any other fucking identity group and repost that sentence - i fuckin' dare you!) - there is NOTHING superior about you. gee, if you ever sotpped a foot outside the fuckin' house, rather than sitting there sabre-rattling on your fucking forums, your ass would end up on people of walmart, while you waddlin' down the fuckin' aisle fillin' your trolley with enough cheapo candy to turn a blimp into a pinata. fuck you!

so fuck all your self-righteous controversial shit. you think you're a fuckin' radical? you're just a lazy fat girl sitting behind a keyboard trying to stick it to the man cos they gonna dock her welfare.

Let that be a lesson for you, you sad cunt. Not every trans person agrees with you. Some think you're a pathetic little attention seeker!

You don't give a FUCK about tackling cis-prejudice. It's just all about the Kitty fuckin' Stryker show. Amber stands up against prejudice and makes a point and there you go and slap her the fuck down, flexing your muscles of privilege and prejudice, just because she's taking the attention away from YOU.

You tragic, tragic piece of cis-supremacist shit. You won't be happy till everyone is pitying Kitty Stryker and your sad bunch of diaper-wearing fuck-ups.

This is a regular part of my life as an activist who calls shit out. Sometimes it's just words. Sometimes it's physical threats.

And sometimes it makes me hard as nails. Sometimes it makes me cry.
But man o man, does it teach me that detoxing from toxic people is necessary.

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