June 2012

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June's Cum and Glitter

If you weren't at last weekend's Cum and Glitter performance, you missed out. Big time. I'm sorry for you. I don't have photos of everyone's number, but here's the teaser photos for my scene with Poppy Cox, a delicious pinkish-purple haired bike smut babe who came down… View More


All the Fucks

I want to give you an idea of the sort… View More


New KinkLive Policy Disrespects Models

Kink.com has built a reputation for being an ethical porn site who puts the models first and is great to work for. Many a battle against pornography, particularly BDSM pornography, has been fought and won because of their model policies, which set a high standard for how porn can be filmed. I personally struggled with that idea of "ethics" due to some of their policies about who they hire, the whole "virginity" debacle, and their depictions… View More