March 2012

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when worlds collide.

I wrote a little bit earlier while still kind of stunned and freaking out about my grandmother finding out about my sex work. I wanted to explain a little… View More



So today my grandmother sat me down, looked deep into my eyes and told me I was disgusting. Disappointing. That she had seen my photos and I was a horrible person with no self-esteem. She Googled my name. Apparently she also shared my sex work name with one of her friends at her local community center, who said she was going to look me up. So she has also outed me to at least one, possibly more people. This of course puts me in… View More


SXSW, and Other Adventures in Cowboy Boots

I've finally mostly recovered from South By Southwest, a big event where I presented to a bunch of geeks on sex work and social media,… View More