May 2012

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"you know I break up every time I break up with you"

(title from the Violent Femmes) Breakups, while painful, are also an excuse for me to delve whole-heartedly into my favourite breakup songs. I have so many, particularly as I… View More



This is all still a little raw for me, but a few days ago, my girlfriend and I split up. It was mutual, in a way- we both felt like things were stagnating in a place we didn't want to be in. Neither of us was enjoying the sex. We both felt taken advantage of, in different ways. I know she lied to me for months (she called it "managing" me)- she says I lied to her, though I'm still not clear what about. I felt like she was selfish, and… View More


13 Awesome Fetishes You May Not Know (And How to Try Them)

Trigger Warning: There is stuff on this list that could squick you out, or trigger you in some deep dark places. That's part of why people like these things, but also why it might be hard to read- clowns, dentistry, ageplay, these things stir up some crazy feelings and thoughts in us, visceral reactions. Some people like to play with that, others steer clear- either decision is a-ok!  I was on Facebook,… View More