So today my grandmother sat me down, looked deep into my eyes and told me I was disgusting. Disappointing. That she had seen my photos and I was a horrible person with no self-esteem.

She Googled my name.

Apparently she also shared my sex work name with one of her friends at her local community center, who said she was going to look me up. So she has also outed me to at least one, possibly more people. This of course puts me in a position of my home being dangerous, and the years of work to separate my legal and professional names potentially down the drain.

If one of those friends decides to "intervene", I could be arrested, raped, and beaten by the police. Many sex workers are. I could be restricted from getting an office job. I could struggle to find a place to lease.

I will write in a lot more detail on this later. I'm still reeling/processing/trying to figure out what to do. My parents, bless them, are going to speak to her and chew her out, as they know about my work and are incredibly supportive.

But til then- I want to say this:

Prejudices against how women have sex, and with whom, and under what conditions creates a world where people like me are made homeless, raped, abused, and murdered... and the world says "hey, it's an occupational hazard".

Show me another job like that.

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