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Review: Mascara Vibrator

I am a femme who likes to be prepared. That said, I've been going a little overboard with that- my laptop bag currently has, among the books on spotting predators, a set… View More


Review: Betty Harness

It was months ago that I got the Betty harness and I was so excited about it. But when I tried it on... it… View More


Review: Retro Pocket Rocket Vibrator

I love the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, and I am super proud that I got to rivet bits of it together. Theres something about the shiny chrome beauty of it, the way it's so retrofuturistic… View More


Review: The (Terribly Named But Amazing) Womanizer

It's been a little while since I reviewed a sex toy that made me feel really excited. I kept hearing rumors about a toy that managed to have both rumbling vibrations AND suction, two of my favourite things when it comes to my clit. I… View More


Review: the Njoy Fun Wand from Good Vibrations

I have been a huge fan of the whole nJoy product line ever since I was introduced to it years and years ago. I started off with a… View More