Review: the Njoy Fun Wand from Good Vibrations

I have been a huge fan of the whole nJoy product line ever since I was introduced to it years and years ago. I started off with a Pure Plug, then the Eleven, and finally the Pure Wand, which is one of my absolute favourite must have toys. The graceful (and effective) curves coupled with the weight of the metal is one of my cunt's most loved experiences.

But I hadn't gotten to try to Fun Wand yet, so when Good Vibrations asked me what I wanted to review, of course I asked for that!

This double ended toy is pretty much ideal for both gspot stimulation and a little anal play. One side is mostly smooth, with one bulb at the end perfectly curved to caress the gspot just right.  The other has three bulbs graduating in size like a set of stiff anal beads, making for a fun experience anally if that's more to your/your partner's taste. Being metal, this toy is sterilizable, and you can make it nice and cold by putting it in the fridge for a few minutes, or warm it up in some water for a different sensation. Also, you can use any lube with it! Handy.

Weighing in at 11 ounces, it's not a light toy, but not the heaviest either (the Pure Wand weighs almost double as much). It's almost 8" long, and the bulb on the gspot-focused side is about 1" in diameter. This worked decently well for my body, though I do find the Pure Wand reaches my gspot with a bit more ease, so if you prefer a slightly larger toy or more depth, that may be more your speed. I didn't experiment as much with the anal side as I didn't find it the easiest for me to use on myself (I have a big ass that gets in the way ;) ) but the little I did try made me think it would be really fun to use with a partner. I'm still a little nervous around anal play but I found this toy to offer a really nice sensation.

All in all, I think this is a good choice if you're looking for a double duty toy, or something a little lighter to use. It looks a lot less like a weapon than the Eleven, which is massive, and it feels like a more recognizable shape than the Pure Wand, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Still, while this was a fun toy to experiment with, the Pure Wand has my heart when it comes to endless squirting. If you want a toy that's less intimidating, has multiple sensations available, and is a little cheaper? Sure, go for the Fun Wand! If you want something more ergodynamic that will make you squirt bucketloads, though, I'd stick to the Pure Wand.

You can get both toys at Good Vibrations, who provided me with a Fun Wand in exchange for an honest review! Don't miss out on their holiday sales when stuffing your stocking! ;)

Fun Wand

Pure Wand

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