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PornHub Confessional

So a big part of this blog is talking about Personal Shit, right, including deep dark secrets that I hold in my heart (and clit).… View More


Review: The Stronic Pulsator

It's been a while since I've done a toy review, but I'm getting back in the swing of things! I'm always interested in new technology and the toy I'm reviewing… View More


Siderodromophilia: My Newest Kink is Sex on Trains

"I wonder if there's  word for being sexually aroused by fantasizing about fucking in trains," I thought idly to myself as I thumbed through my most popular… View More


Review: Liberator Faux Fur Throe

I've had a few sex toys in my life that have changed the game. The PUR Wand. The Hitachi. The The Liberator Wedge. The Rodeoh. The Maverick. And now, I have… View More


Review: "The Butters", a Lube from LTASEX

When my buddy posted a call for folks who would try out his new lube, I immediately volunteered. I know Jerome from his blog, LTASEX, where I had done an interview around the release of Hard Femme. He writes great sex ed stuff from a Black, gay, poly and kinky perspective (among… View More