Review: Liberator Faux Fur Throe

I've had a few sex toys in my life that have changed the game. The PUR Wand. The Hitachi. The The Liberator Wedge. The Rodeoh. The Maverick.

And now, I have the Liberator Faux Fur Throe, a water resistant furry blanket that feels so incredibly soft and luxurious I wrap myself in it regularly, even when I'm not preparing for a squirtathon (though, especially then). I own one of the regular throes, which is velvety on one side and satiny on the other. It's lovely, too, but I have to say the faux fur throe is far and away my favourite.

I've brought it on weekends away, because fucking on it feels amazing against the skin, and it's so nice to squirt all over the place when being fingered or fisted and just be able to wrap it up and put it aside for nice fresh bedsheets. And while it's big (68" x 54") it also comes with a stretchy strap that holds it together in a roll, making transport and storage easy. It's also reasonably subtle- no one will know this is a water resistant sex blanket unless you tell them (or, I suppose, if they have one of their own!) The fact that you can squirt on this and then bundle it into the wash easily is a godsend, and allows me to relax, making squirting easier to achieve in the first place.

I've used throes, and I've used towels, puppy pads, rubber sheets... all sorts of things. I have to say the throe is above and beyond the best option, if you can afford one- they carry a hefty price tag at almost $200 for the faux fur ones! The comfort and pleasure, as well as the ease of cleanup, that this throe has offered makes it worthwhile to me. The faux fur does take a while to dry, though, after getting it wet. You can machine wash it in cold water, and dry in low heat, which should prevent the fur from clumping up. Do be aware that on the satiny side, some types of lube (like silicone, or oil based) can stain your throe- my experience has been water based lubes are totally fine.

The faux fur throe only comes in the grey/black you see here in the photos, though there are other options (like the double sided velvish one, or the shag one) that have a wider variety of colours.

In short? If you're a gusher, or even if you just like sex to get a little sweaty and messy, you need a throe. I personally think the faux fur one looks and feels the best, but you may prefer the microfiber one or the fluffy one instead! Whatever you pick, you probably need a Liberator throe, so you can fuck as you please without worrying about the carpet, the couch, or the backseat of your car. Oh, or your mattress, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing. ;)

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