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Safe/Ward Blog Carnival 2, Part 3: Porn and Prejudice (trigger warning)

So this post will bring the second Safe/Ward blog carnival to a close- please check out… View More


This Ain't Typhoid Mary, XXX

I had to think for a hot second about whether it made sense for me to write about the topic or porn stars escorting and… View More


Breaking Barriers: Why I'm Just Not Angry at HIV+ Porn

Note: I talk in here about HIV/AIDs as it pertains mostly to white gay men, and white straight people. There's a lot more to be said on the topic of STIs pertaining to people of colour, particularly African… View More


Review: UnBound Adult Subscription Box

I am totally into subscription boxes right now, and as I have been terrible about updating my #femmefridays I hope you'll… View More


Tested: STIs, Shame, and Reactive Healthcare

Yesterday I got tested at Planned Parenthood for STIs - I had a condom break and better safe than sorry. All in all it was a positive experience, and I'm glad to have a… View More


Your Fave Fantasy is Problematic.

Crossposted on Medium Trigger warnings: abuse, rape, violent fantasies, suicide, racism, transmisogyny,… View More