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Trigger Warning: Facebook

"Adverts for their products appeared next to a group captioned “I like her for her brains” below a woman lying with a pool of blood around her head, and another titled “Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs”."  -Pinterest: nudity welcome, Matt… View More


Facebook Will Ignore Your Bully, Then Ban You

Edited to add: I've now been blocked from sending private messages. Facebook meanwhile has not responded to numerous complaints and reports. Edited to add: this person is STILL being allowed to harass me via Facebook, while anything I have written about it has been flagged and I've been banned whether I name her or not. I am also not allowed to BLOCK her. Despite the fact this is… View More


NymWars: Facebook's "Real Names" Hardon

Notably, when I wrote this, I was booted. Because I know the occasional person in FB's walled garden, I occasionally wriggle… View More


Interviewed on #MyNameIs for Full Disclosure Podcast!

So I was asked a few days ago to speak on Full Disclosure Podcast about the #MyNameIs controversy that's got everyone moving to Ello/GooglePlus/whatever. A really good writeup by Dottie Lux is here- my profile has been reinstated, at least for now, while my girlfriend… View More


Top 10 PurrVersatility Posts Published in 2014

2014 was, for me, mainly a year of writing about sex workers and business resource access. While only two of those posts were big on my blog,… View More