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Giveaway: Crystal Delights Pink Frosted Plug! (Congrats Phia!)

I know it's been a little intense here at Purrversatility over the past few weeks, so I want to spend some time (for my own self care, as well as yours) highlighting how sexy and fun consent culture can be… View More


Summer Lovin': A Vibrator Giveaway!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for giveaways, and with summer on the way, what better than two vibes perfect for traveling? They're both super sweet, just too buzzy for my tastes- my loss is your gain (and don't worry, I used the tip of my nose to test, they're perfectly… View More


Fab Femme Giveaway!

I've collected a few things I've been holding onto for the perfect moment, and with fall coming with its sweaters and snuggling, what better time for a… View More


Holiday Self-Care Giveaway: 1 More Day!

I love the holidays, especially Christmas, despite having spent 5 years working retail and growing up pagan. I currently own about 1500 holiday songs, which… View More


Ch-ch-ch-changes (special sale and giveaway!)

While I have a tattoo on my body that reminds me to evolve or die, that change is inevitable and can be embraced, I fight transitions all the time. I'm like a cranky old cat… View More


Review: the Pillory from Lodbrock

When Lodbrock contacted me asking if I wanted to review their gorgeous Pillory Set, I was beyond excited. Lodbrock's site is filled with luxurious BDSM equipment that… View More