Ch-ch-ch-changes (special sale and giveaway!)

While I have a tattoo on my body that reminds me to evolve or die, that change is inevitable and can be embraced, I fight transitions all the time. I'm like a cranky old cat yowling at being shifted from my nice spot in the sun. I hate moving, I hate packing (even for vacation!), I hate big shifts. I try my best to ride the waves but I find them difficult to stay balanced on.

Moving has often been about major shifts in my life, instability, and having to adapt to a new world. This time, I think I'm settling into a more stable life, a life with a craft room, near my friends, with a little garden for my cats to sniff around in. I think it's a good shift, but it's still scary, as change often is.

So to ease with this, I have done two things. I have booked tickets for the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto to have a femme vacation as well as support TROUBLEfilms for the awards,  and I have created a giveaway of some stuff I've been sitting on here at the house for the right time to help clear my house and give others some cool things!

I'm hoping that by having some things to busy my mind and to keep me on task, I'll be better able to focus on what I need to do- making money, getting rid of stuff I no longer need, spending time refreshing my heart with lovers and friends, and working my ass off. I just finished framing some photos for a femme art project in a gallery that I can't wait to share. I'm about to shoot a boy boy girl threesome, my first on film and my first with my boyfriend N.

There's exciting things afoot and I need to be on my game! You can help. :)


In order to make it to the FPAs, I'd love to recoup some of my costs. In addition to that, I also just made some amazing porno stickers that I wanted to give away. So I figured, what better way than to offer people the opportunity to help fund me going to Toronto, AND you can buy a burned dvd of anti-censorship porn Ban This Sick Filth!, AND you'll get a set of special edition stickers! WHAT I know right.

If you purchase the Ban This Sick Filth burned DVD directly from me, you will not only get this epic porn, BUT you will also get a set of stickers from my scene, Banned in the UK! I’m asking that people donate $30-50 as it’s a fundraiser- donate over that and I’ll throw in a couple of surprises (maybe another dvd, maybe an erotica book, maybe something else)

Email kitty@troublefilms.com to order! Check out the stickers here!

There will be limited quantities (I’ll only make up to 20) and a two week turnaround from your order date.


If that's not your bag, you can ALSO enter my giveaway- 3 lucky winners will get one of three items!

There's a treasure chest of femme surprises, there's a Lovehoney Plus Size Covet Me Mesh Strappy Babydoll Set Black (which I'm modeling here), and there's some DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Wrist Cuffs, also from Lovehoney.

You can enter the giveaway by clicking here!

It'll go from midnight March 5th til midnight March 16th.

This giveaway is for US/Canada only due to shipping and handling... sorry international fans, I love you but while I'm moving I just can't afford it. :( I'll get you next time! <3

Thank you Lovehoney for providing these items for giveaway!

So yeah! Help me go through this transition in my life AND get yourself some fun porn or lingerie or sexy toys! Win win :D

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