Holiday Self-Care Giveaway: 1 More Day!

I love the holidays, especially Christmas, despite having spent 5 years working retail and growing up pagan. I currently own about 1500 holiday songs, which range from celebratory to sympathetic. I've been drinking eggnog and spiced coffee all season. I have a sweater with reindeer fucking on it, and multiple sets of holiday jewelry that I only wear this one month. I'm the month of December for the TROUBLEfilms 2015 calendar (see photo) because we just had to take an hour out of the schedule for Xmas mashups and wrapping me in fairy lights (THANKS COURTNEY TROUBLE <3)

But whether you love the holidays or hate them, they take a lot out of you! There's so much social interaction that needs to happen, and scheduling partners and their families, and never mind work parties, where you have to strike an awkward balance of being "off" but also not being too unprofessional. It's intense, even for an extrovert who doesn't want to rip off her own ears when hearing "Little Drummer Boy" for the 50th time.

SO, I'm doing a giveaway to help you cope! Friday at midnight marks the end of my Holiday Self Care Package Giveaway!

You get to choose which package you want, depending on how you feel about the holidays!

For those who, like me, get jingle jangly for eggnog and sweater weather, there's a Holly Jolly Holiday Care Package! Contents will include a homemade card, a mix cd of my favourite holiday tunes, some holiday candy, little surprises (all pro-holiday season, please let me know what winter holiday you celebrate!)

OR if you can't wait for all that red and green shit to get out of the stores, I have a Bah, Humbug! Anti-Holiday Care Package! This will include a sympathy card, a "Fuck Xmas" mix cd, some non-holiday wrapped chocolates, and other trinkets to help you get through.

IN ADDITION I'm going to try to post a couple of playlists for you all to enjoy so you can hear some fun new stuff, but in the meantime I highly recommend Bootie Mashups Xmas cds!

Don't forget, you have until midnight tomorrow to enter the giveaway!

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