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Girlcock, Part 2- Strap & Play!

Apparently a year ago I posted part one to my blog and not part two- whoops! It's here not, and I hope you enjoy the second half of my strap-on-sex how… View More


Review: CrashPad's Guide to Fisting

I'm a huge fan of the sex ed/porno genre, particularly because I think it's more fun for people to learn by seeing people do things. I know it's not… View More


Aquatic Erotic: A Sex in Water Guide

Sex on the beach sounds great in romance novels or depicted in From here to eternity, but sand in your nether regions can make for a more abrasive reality. Still, watery lust… View More


An Illustrated Guide to Fisting Foreplay in Honour of 4th Annual Fisting Day!

Well the 4th International Fisting Day (October 21st) has come and gone- I have to say, I had a grand old time preparing for and working on it! I have some great footage that's being… View More