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A 28 Birthday Fete!

My 28th birthday was this last weekend, and it was fabulous! We had a meeting of the… View More


This is What Free Range Fat Porn Looks Like

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Stop SOPA: Why the Stop Online Piracy Act is Bad for Sexuality

So January 18th is the Great Blackout, when sites all over will do everything from displaying a banner to blacking out their sites in protest of the Stop Internet Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, a pair of proposed bills that will… View More


Safe/Ward Blog Carnival 2, Part 3: Porn and Prejudice (trigger warning)

So this post will bring the second Safe/Ward blog carnival to a close- please check out… View More


Fisting Day, 2014! Seeking Submissions!

tl;dr - Fisting Day is October 21st and we're seeking submissions to help with the… View More