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SXSW, and Other Adventures in Cowboy Boots

I've finally mostly recovered from South By Southwest, a big event where I presented to a bunch of geeks on sex work and social media,… View More


#FemmeFriday: Shiro Cosmetics in "Women's Weapons" and "Remake"

It's SO hot in the South Bay right now. I mean, I've always thought of it as my personal hell, but DAMN. And it's only going to get worse!! Putting on makeup in the heat is like a maddening experiment in futility, because… View More


What's Your Alignment? Social Justice Class Badges

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LOOP- Sleek Kegel Exerciser ISO Funds!

I've been thinking a lot about fitness and health and muscles and frankly it's really hard to dig out useful advice and tools from the snake oil being… View More


Everything I Know About Relationships I Learned From Computer Games

I'm not really a video game person, it's true. I think I had a Super Nintendo as a kid, but my cats ate the cord. So, computers it was. I used to sit at my desk playing… View More


Safie's Choice: A Frankenporn Story

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, it was dark, anyway, something the Creature was thankful for as he settled in for another long night of peering through a… View More