LOOP- Sleek Kegel Exerciser ISO Funds!

I've been thinking a lot about fitness and health and muscles and frankly it's really hard to dig out useful advice and tools from the snake oil being peddled. I'm reasonably fit, but I'm not what anyone would call to get workout tips, either.

But kegels? This is the kind of fitness I know something about.

LOOP, which is running an IndieGoGo campaign right now, is one of the new not-a-sex-toy cunt toys in this increasing trend of pelvic exercisers. We've had ben wa balls or Betty Dodson's barbell for exercising these muscles, but nothing that provides direct feedback about how we're doing. Knowing how strong those muscles are, and if I'm getting stronger or weaker, really helps keep me on track to keep on it.

Plus if I can't rip someone's dick off with my cunt, I'm just not trying hard enough right?

The LOOP comes with a little bamboo bag, and you download an app in order to save the data you receive. That data allows you to train in ways that work for you, as well as seeing if you can beat your own scores. All this for $90 if you pay into their IndieGoGo campaign- not too shabby, considering similar ones cost over $150. Betty's Barbell is $125, and doesn't even give you feedback, so there we go!

I love kegel exercising because I love when I can clamp down on a lover's cock and see them shudder. I love having control over letting someone's fist into my cunt. Also I enjoy that by having all these fun sexy inspirations to keep up with my kegelcising, I also won't be as likely to struggle with incontinence later in life, but that's not nearly as fun an incentive as the shudder my lover gets when I can grip their cock or hand with my cunt muscles.

I like that LOOP isn't designed to go double duty as a vibrator, actually. I think focusing on it as a health tool makes more sense- the expectation that a data extraction implement will also get you off often seems to end up in a product that doesn't do either particularly well. I do want to point out that not all owners of cunts are women, and that not all women have cunts, and I hope the creators will consider editing their copy to reflect that.

I'm curious to try this out when it's ready. I for one welcome our cataloguing of data relating to sexuality... it's about damn time, to be frank, and I'm glad to see it becoming more accessible!

Do you do kegels? What works for you? Have you noticed a difference?

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