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Review: Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream

I love chocolate stuff. Edible body chocolate, chocolate scented candles, dark chocolate… View More


Review: Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

I loveloveLOVE playing with different sensations.… View More


Review: Body Chocolate

With the boy in London and me here in SF, I wasn't sure when and why I would have the opportunity to try… View More


Review: Chemistry Bubble Bath Set

I love taking relaxing bubble baths. It's one of the ways I recharge after long days ranting about… View More


Review: Mango Vanilla

Mmm. I smell like a delicious dessert, thanks to giving the Mango Vanilla massage candle a go this afternoon.… View More


Femme Friday Review: Seagrape Soap

I'm not the most femme of the femmes. I'm new to skin care. I never used moisturizers, and even struggle to remember sunblock on a regular basis (I remember when it means I'm getting it rubbed into my skin by a babe, but otherwise, eh). Still, I've started to use lotions… View More