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Review: G-Ki

So I always knew I had a G-spot. Ok, that's not exactly true. I always knew it felt really, really nice to stick my fingers in my cunt and… View More


Review: Gigi

I wish I was musically inclined. I would… View More


My Favourite Babeland Toys of 2010

Ok, so, I need to split these into two categories- toys/lubes from Babeland I like the look/idea of, and toys I've been introduced to this year. Because there's quite a few that I've had to go "oooo" over! First, how about 3 toys I'm excited… View More


lessons from wanking

I'm all about rechargeable vibrators, eco-awareness, reducing your carbon bootprint,… View More


Review: The (Terribly Named But Amazing) Womanizer

It's been a little while since I reviewed a sex toy that made me feel really excited. I kept hearing rumors about a toy that managed to have both rumbling vibrations AND suction, two of my favourite things when it comes to my clit. I… View More