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Manic Pixie Dream Domme: Adorable Nightmare

I am the Manic Pixie Dream Domme. Bring to me your grey, wistful, dreary life, seeking some sense of… View More


The Ideal Lover List

Wow. I'm listening to 90s music (currently "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star) and going through my livejournal while piecing together a confessional entry on threesomes. Having had an amazing one this last weekend (which you'll hear more about… View More


If I Wasn't a Sex Worker (and other Alt Universes)

I was asked by one of my friends, Creatrix Tiara, what I would be doing in an alternative universe. Alternative universes always fascinated me, the… View More


Beauty in the Bruising

Content warning: frank discussion of abuse, discussion of kink as a healing response to abuse There was a time when I would count my bruises to figure out how bad… View More