Manic Pixie Dream Domme: Adorable Nightmare

I am the Manic Pixie Dream Domme.

Bring to me your grey, wistful, dreary life, seeking some sense of meaning, of who you are, of what you were meant to do, and I will set a fire under your ass with glitter and whimsy. I will make you live in the moment because that's what I'm doing and you're either coming with me or being left behind.

I am an adorable tornado of personal growth and self-awareness and yes, I will beat it into you, probably with a crop shaped like a magic wand while singing songs from Enchanted. Because I’m quirky like that. I have brightly coloured hair and I’ll change it without warning. You cannot depend on me because I am not predictable, I believe in the beauty of impermanence and I breathe it into being with every waking moment. I know the only constant is change and I am always moving, always dancing, always onwards.

When you first meet me and we’re finger painting and riding on carousels, you’ll think I’m just really in touch with my inner child. As you get to know me, you’ll realize I hold onto compassion and knowledge so old it becomes young again. My methods may seem mad, but there is a truth to them. I will take you on adventures and you will find yourself or you will drown trying.

And you will become a better person under my free-spirited, giggling, chaotic care, whether you like it or not.

You may leave me, because I will turn your world upside down and unsettle you and you will not see me as someone you can ever grow old with.

And for those who are irresistibly attracted to my ability to fulfill this trope? For you, I am a Manic Pixie Dream Domme- I will never grow older, and can never settle down. That would destroy my essence.

But you will never forget me.

And that is my power, and your damnation.


I have been the Manic Pixie Dream Girl for multiple lovers in my life. I hadn't realized it, necessarily, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I tended to be the force of nature that swept in and added some kind of excitement into their lives that they got swept up in. It was only when they realized that they were not, in fact, the Depressed Protagonist they had been led to believe they ought to be by the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, but rather that I was the lead character and they were the sidekick, that they tended to grow resentful and leave, often citing the very things they were initially attracted to- my quirkiness, my love of life, my energy, my passion- as the reason they couldn't stay with me any longer. No one stays with the Pixie unless she tones it down- the fact that all my quirkiness is powered by *my desire for such* is contrary to the trope.

But if the Pixie is a passive character, what if she was a Domme? What then? What if she used her chaos and her giggling and her creativity and her randomness as a force for personal shifting? Under the right circumstances, with the right constraints and understanding the boundaries... it could be kind of... awesome.

I'm never going to drag a depressed guy out of his funk again with my perky wacky antics. Fuck that noise. But I think if I play my cards right, I might very have someone who will adventure with me, side by side, neither of us saving the other, neither of us needing to be saved. Just kinky good fun, lots of laughter, and so many stories....

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